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Cornelio Cappellini is an Italian “family company” of contemporary furniture founded during the Fifties of the last century in Brianza, an area near Milan considered a world leader district for its extraordinary creativity. The company owes its name to the founder Mr. Cornelio Cappellini. At the beginning of the new millennium, the management of the company is entrusted to the second generation where the sons and daughter of the founder continue to play actively leading roles in business management following the creative and commercial leaderships. In the first fifty years of activity Cornelio Cappellini company was specialized in producing traditional furniture by adopting construction and finishing techniques handed down by past generations. In 2004 the first main turning point took place, and the company became aware of the new trends at international level, mainly related to the growth of the Emerging markets. The collections are designed with a strong glamorous accent, emphasized by the increasing use of crystals, noble metals, soft fabrics, and leathers. 2018 marks the beginning of another important evolution towards products and collections even more modern and contemporary where luxury and elegance are in perfect harmony with each other. Following this feeling, Hessentia collection has been introduced achieving an increasing success as well as in Emerging markets and in areas where the company was not present yet, such as Europe and North America.




Terms and Conditions

  • Discount for projects / design studios / designers / architects / architectural bureau / developers: from 35% to 45%

  • Transport: ex-works

  • Payment: 50% at the confirmation of the order + 50% before the delivery

  • Delivery time: 90 days from the receipt of the proforma signed and stamped as confirmation and from the receipt of the down payment for standard items (120/150 days for custom made items)

  • Surcharge for special package in wooden boxes for frag




Cornelio Cappellini srl
Via San Salvatore, Angolo Via Monaco di Baviera
20841 Carate Brianza (Mb) Italy

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