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Šeit jūs atradīsiet pārskatu par pārsteidzošiem zīmoliem un piegādātājiem, ar kuriem mēs sadarbojamies!

Mēs esam šo zīmolu ekskluzīvi pārstāvji Baltijas, Ziemeļeiropas un Austrumeiropas tirgus.

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CTO Lighting

From chandeliers to floor lamps to pendant lights, CTO Lighting have been creating designs that embody a contemporary yet timeless elegance for almost 25 years. Inspired by nature’s finest raw materials, CTO Lighting creates contemporary lighting fixtures that embody artisan-crafted materials, illuminating them with a soft diffused light.


HESSENTIA Cornelio Cappellini

HESSENTIA | Cornelio Cappellini specializes in traditional furniture using building and finishing techniques passed down through generations, mixed with a strong glamourous emphasis, which is highlighted by the increased use of crystals, noble metals, soft materials, and leathers.



pulpo is a design editor for high-end products in the home sector. Design is their passion. Art is their engine. They are fascinated by the craft of the ceramic and glassblowing workshops and are guided by the rough aesthetics of these unique pieces.



Nuura aim to create aesthetic and exclusive lighting which reflects the riches and joy found in Nordic nature. With the chandelier as a center, Nuura offers lighting collections that enrich the room and complete the interior in both private homes and public spaces. By combining delicate design with state-of-the-art technology and carefully chosen materials of high quality, they strive to create unique quality lighting that has a positive impact on our wellbeing.



Parachilna is born from a love for luxury. With Parachilna lighting, light meets design vibrating in space and spreading through plays and luminous effects that make each space suggestive and unexpected. To preserve potter know-how, glassblowers, and capable artisans from all over the world is one of the principal goals of the firm, which entrusted the creative talent of the greatest international designers.

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Frag is a family story, with designer and company as mother and father of every product, nurturing it with care and attention. Since Frag’s foundation in 1921, leather processing skills have become the Italian art of living. Continuous research over the years has added expertise in processing other materials to this art, which continues to give birth to unique items of furniture when married to the creativity of international designers



SkLO sits at the intersection of modern California design and centuries-old Czech glass tradition. They design and manufacture handblown glass lighting and objects from studios in Healdsburg, Northern California and the Czech Republic. Every SkLO product is made with a deep appreciation for the richness of its organic material and the historical craft tradition it embodies.

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