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SkLO is pleased to introduce Blend, a brand-new design family in the SkLO Object Collection.


With each Blend Vessel, subtly curved forms of handblown glass taper to a narrow top. Soft opaque glass color fades in intensity from the top to the bottom. The glass vessel is then capped with a brushed brass finial, which continues the curving line of the glass and also defines the vessel's opening. Muted colorways of New Blue, Oyster or Pastel Green contrast perfectly against the brass, whose living finish will darken with age.

"The elegant glass shapes of the Blend Vessels were established early in the design process. The stately elegance of these forms appealed immediately," says SkLO Partner and Lead Designer, Karen Gilbert. "We spent a lot of time experimenting on how to finish the tops, how to bring resolution to the glass shapes in a way that was not obvious or expected. When we brought the brass elements in, we knew it was the right move. They have a personality that makes you want to get to know them better, to spend time with them." 

Available in three sizes, the Blend Vessels work beautifully as solo vessels, and also in compositions of two or three.

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