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Light Collection: New 2024 Releases

SkLO's new Light Collection for 2024 brings together subtle innovations with bold gestures to present "another creative leap at SkLO," says Partner and Lead Designer Karen Gilbert. "We couldn't be more excited."  

From the deceptively simple textured glass diffuser ("it has the possibility to turn out entire Light Collection on its head," Gilbert says) to three expansive new Light families, Rest, Pillow and Peak, the new releases expand the essence and versatility of SkLO. The collection explores magical color palettes and new shapes, compositions and materials such as marble and brass. Above all, the signature SkLO approach of marrying art and function with deliberate intention remains paramount. 

"Our Object Collection is such an important part of the SkLO story," says Gilbert. "This Fall, there are new designs we are excited to debut, as well as revisions that breathe new life into some of our favorite designs in the Collection."

Meet our new Light Collection offerings for 2024:


Peak Chandeliers, from left: Peak 8 Chandelier with textured neutral gray glass, Peak 10 Chandelier with textured clear glass, and Peak 6 Chandelier with textured whiskey glass. All are shown with brushed brass hardware finish.


The Rest Pendants introduce marble as a material into the design language of the SkLO Light Collection for the first time. With simple gravity, beveled shapes of richly colored frosted glass "rest" securely over conical shaped Carrara marble pendants. The softness of the frosted glass contrasts beautifully against the honed stone. The deep colors of the glass against the neutral palette of the veined marble is striking. The angular forms of the Rest Pendants are timeless and elegant. 

The Rest Pendants are available in three shapes and three glass colorways and four brass hardware finishes.


Detail of Rest Pendant, Shape 3 with frosted whiskey glass and brushed brass hardware

Rest Pendants, from left: Shape 3 in frosted whiskey glass, Shape 2 in frosted smoke glass, and Shape 1 in frosted plum glass. All shown with brushed brass hardware


Pillow Sconce / Ceiling fixtures. Clockwise from bottom: Small in frosted clear and white glass, Medium in frosted strawberry and light beige glass, and Large in frosted smokey gray and celadon glass. All shown with brushed brass hardware. 


Curving, concave forms of frosted glass contain smaller smooth glass shapes that are lit and nestled within. The contrasting colorways available for both the outer frosted glass elements and inner smooth glass lit elements allow for the kind of endless color combinations that SkLO lighting is known for. The new Pillow Series includes pendants as well as wall sconces, and flush ceiling designs in multiple sizes. The Pillow Pendants are round in form and are available in two sizes, while the Pillow Sconce & Ceiling fixtures are oval in form and are available in three sizes. 

The Pillow Series glass colorways include three frosted glass colors for the outer glass element and three glass colors for the smooth lit inner glass element. The Pillow Pendant is available in two sizes and four brass hardware finishes, and the Pillow Sconce / Ceiling is available in three sizes and four brass hardware finishes.


Small and Large Pillow Pendants shown with frosted smokey brown and celadon glass, and brushed brass hardware finish


Lit shapes of handblown glass and cones of brushed brass combine in different proportions, shapes, and geometries to create chandeliers, pendants, sconces, and ceiling fixture designs that are all new for the SkLO Light Collection. In the Peak Chandeliers, imposing cones of brushed brass shelter spherical glass diffusers in a row around the circumference. In the Peak Pendants, single glass diffusers are suspended beneath a small brushed brass cone, which can be oriented in either the up or down position, allowing for compelling compositions of multiple pendants. The sconce/ceiling fixtures present a lit glass diffuser elegantly on the tip of a small brushed brass cone for a look that is classic, but with all the possibilities of SkLO.

The Peak Series is available in nine glass colors including the new four textured glass colors. The Peak Chandeliers are available in three sizes. The Peak Pendant and Peak Sconce/Ceiling is available with two glass shapes - the standard SkLO 4 1/2"/110mm sphere AND the new 6"/150mm ellipsoid. The Peak series brass hardware is available in brushed brass living finish only.


Peak Pendants, from left: 4 1/2"/110mm sphere diffuser in textured whiskey glass, 4 1/2"/110mm sphere diffuser in textured neutral gray glass

Peak Sconce with 6"/150mm ellipsoid diffuser in textured steel blue glass

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