designed in California, USA

made in Czech Republic

pendants; chandeliers

ceiling lamps; table lamps

floor lamps; wall lamps



SkLO sits at the intersection of modern California design and centuries-old Czech glass tradition. They design and manufacture handblown glass lighting and objects from studios in Healdsburg, Northern California and the Czech Republic. Every SkLO product is made with a deep appreciation for the richness of its organic material and the historical craft tradition it embodies. 


SkLO designs demonstrate careful attention to detail, and a commitment to achieving the simplest expression of beauty. This belief in simplicity and design discipline is always balanced by a deep respect for the raw material, and closeness to the maker. There’s an inherent primal brutality and unexpectedness in glassblowing, and in Czech glass in particular. Masters of the craft make manipulation of molten glass appear effortless, as they employ generations of skillful technique. SkLO designs celebrate this process in their subtle irregularities, making each one a unique reflection of its long history.

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