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Parachilna is born from a love for luxury. The Spanish firm produces elements and decorative lamps implying the use of prestigious materials and recurring to antique artisanal work to realize every project. With Parachilna lighting, light meets design vibrating in space and spreading through plays and luminous effects that make each space suggestive and unexpected. To preserve potter know-how, glassblowers and capable artisans from all over the world is one of the principal goals of the firm, which entrusted the creative talent of the greatest international designers.



New Collection

Dear Partner,

The Team of PARACHILNA have been hard at work developing new amazing products. The time has come to share them with the world. You are the first ones to discover the new lamps available to order NOW at Parachilna.

We will be announcing a new catalogue extension with the novelties including GHAN, MANILA & NITŌ really soon.

Hope you likes the new adoptions to the Parachilna Family.



The Parachilna commissioned Jaime Hayon with the task to capture Morocco’s ability to freeze time. When you travel to the African country, you go back to the XIX century: colorful landscapes, silent desserts & characteristic flavors. This is what MA-ROCK represents.


PETRA is an homage to alabaster. An incredibly elegant and visually pleasing material. Jordi Veciana used simple shapes to put in the forefront the material itself.


Following the huge success of the floor and table versions, Parachilna now announce the pendant GWEILO ZHOU. Available in 2 sizes, they look especially beautiful when combined.


The Parachilna's Team love the shape of the LIGHTO cup: it’s so recognizable yet so characteristic. That’s why they have created new and more affordable versions of the LIGHTO including: wall, floor, pendant and ceiling.


You ask, the Parachilna deliver. Many of you have been asking for more ceiling options. The Team of Parachilna though MANILA was the best candidate.

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to call us on +371 27865131 or contact us by email.

Catalogue 2018 / 2019

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Catalogue PROJECTS 2019

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TECHNICAL Catalogue 2019

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