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Pulpo is a design editor for high-end products in the home sector. Design is their passion. Art is their engine. They are fascinated by the craft of the ceramic and glass blowing work shops and are guided by the rough aesthetics of these unique pieces.

In 2006, pulpo was founded by Ursula and Patrick L’hoste as a design brand at the interface between shape and material. pulpo’s conception is to edit lighting, furniture and accessoires on editor’s choice. The company’s focus is to conduct up-and-coming designers and selected manufacturers, using the nature of material’s to form the score. Materials such as ceramics, stone and especially glass, which is pulpo’s primary focus since 2013.

The headquarters of pulpo is in Weil am Rhein, near the Swiss border. Consisting of the creative and sales department, warehouse and logistics, this is the think tank for our artists and designers. pulpo’s dealer network extends far beyond Weil am Rhein – from Iceland and Dubai to Australia.

We believe in beauty, nature and craftsmanship. So do our designers and manufacturers.


pulpo is movement – is possibility – is passion.

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